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Mercedes-Benz Smart Online Spare Parts Catalogue

Ask extraordinary questions to find extraordinary solutions. Dare to think and act differently to discover new options: "open your mind" – smart has embodied this motto for over ten years and presents in the smart fortwo an extraordinary and distinctive vehicle concept which makes intelligent use of the increasingly limited space in cities. With that the brand provides an answer to the ever more pressing problems of future mobility – dense urban traffic, lack of parking space, pollution, and declining stocks of raw materials. At the same time, with its individual design idiom the smart fortwo has long since attained cult status. Driving a smart fortwo is regarded as a sign of an expressive personality and lifestyle, and joie de vivre – everywhere in the world. And so the two-seater is now successfully established in 41 markets. After scoring a great success in the USA, since 2009 it is also being sold in Brazil and China.

Despite its compact dimensions and an overall length of 2.69 meters, the smart fortwo also sets standards for safety. Optimum occupant protection within the smallest of spaces – this claim is a central element of the smart fortwo concept. For example, the tridion safety cell is recognized as a milestone in safety in the small car segment. For its research and development in the area of safety innovations, as a Daimler brand smart profits from the outstanding competence and experience which Mercedes-Benz boasts in this area.

In the area of drive system technology as well, the smart fortwo frequently is a pacesetter in its segment. The two-seater stands for the intelligent combination of environment-friendly, forward-looking technologies and private urban mobility. Whether gasoline-powered car – with two engines also featuring the clever and comfortable mhd (micro hybrid drive) start/stop technology that enables fuel savings which can reach just about 20 percent in urban traffic with its frequent stop-and-go situations – or diesel-powered car – the smart fortwo cdi is CO2 champion with 88g and 3.4 l fuel consumption per 100 km – thanks to low fuel consumption customers now not only go easy on their budgets, but also on the environment, because frugal consumption means above all fewer emissions. And it means fresher air to breathe for everyone in the city. The smart fortwo electric drive operates entirely emission-free – in pilot projects in London (the previous smart fortwo model), since 2007, and in the present generation now also in Berlin, in December, with other cities in Europe and the USA to follow next year. The electric vehicle with advanced lithium-ion battery will then be volume-produced at the smart plant in Hambach starting in 2012 and will be available for sale to all comers.

Aside from the development of vehicles with particularly low consumption, smart also plays a role in pioneering mobility concepts of Daimler AG. In the innovative car2go pilot project in Ulm, and at the end of the year also in Austin, Texas (USA), smart fortwo cars are deployed throughout the city and can be rented on a 24/7 basis. The concept envisages having an unoccupied vehicle always dependably available within a few minutes' walk. The successful car2go pilot project makes the smart brand a pioneer of new mobility concepts for urban areas.