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Here in Mercedes-Benz Buses and Coaches parts catalogue you can be sure to find every part you need. This online catalogue contains spare parts to all the Mercedes-Benz Buses and Coaches models divided according to the models of the vehicle. Just open the catalogue, choose the needed part and find the complete information about it.

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Mercedes-Benz Bus Online Spare Parts Catalogue

You can thank your stars for traveling in a Mercedes-Benz bus or coach, because the experience from over 110 years of bus manufacture goes into every one of them. Automotive pioneer Karl Benz built the world's first engine-powered bus in 1895 in Mannheim, still the center of the Mercedes-Benz bus and coach brand today. All vehicles embody the striving of Mercedes-Benz to combine premium quality with very good economy and highest safety standards. As technology leader with full-line competence Mercedes-Benz Buses and Coaches offers a complete product range.

In 1996, within the scope of a strategic product initiative the brand enlarged its portfolio with the rural-service bus Mercedes-Benz Integro. The Citaro followed in 1997 and through today sets the standards for visual appeal and engineering. A large family of successful urban and rural-service buses meanwhile has grown out of the Citaro. In 1999 the Mercedes-Benz Travego opened up a new chapter in touring coach history with an exceptionally spacious passenger compartment, and had a successful running mate in the completely redesigned Tourismo touring coach. In 1998 Mercedes-Benz became involved in the minibus segment and conquered the market for small buses in Europe step by step with many new models based on the Sprinter and Vario: with the Eco, Classic, Low Entry and Mobility minibus model series starting in 2002, and since the Sprinter model change in early 2006 with now twelve models in the four series Sprinter Transfer, Sprinter Travel, Sprinter City and Sprinter Mobility. As midibus with rear-mounted engine and independent suspension, since 2004 the Mercedes-Benz Tourino serves as link between the large and small buses. In the large-coach segment, Mercedes-Benz meanwhile increasingly relies on intermediate lengths, for instance with the Travego M. The Travego SHD (super-high-deck touring coach) serves the East European market. In Eastern Europe, and occasionally as school bus in several West European countries like Italy and France, since 2007 the Mercedes-Benz Intouro rounds off the product range in the rural-service bus segment.

Today the full-line manufacturer presents itself with a host of innovations: the economical all-rounder Tourismo RH fills the gap between the well-established Mercedes-Benz Integro rural-service buses and the Tourismo RHD high-deck touring coach. Thanks to new engines the new Mercedes-Benz minibuses meet both the Euro 5 emission standard as well as the EEV (Enhanced Environmentally Friendly Vehicle) standard, the most stringent emission standard in Europe at present. With the Citaro LE Ü, Tourismo M/2, Tourismo RH and Travego M the brand covers the entire spectrum from rural-service bus to touring coach. The Mercedes-Benz Travego scored a grand success on the occasion of the international bus and coach show Busworld Kortrijk in Belgium: the European coach jury selected the Travego as Coach of the Year 2010. The urban buses include the emission-free Citaro FuelCELL Hybrid, the Mercedes-Benz Citaro G BlueTec Hybrid, which cuts diesel fuel consumption and thus CO2 emissions by up to 30 percent, and the CapaCity large-capacity urban regular-service bus. The Mercedes-Benz Conecto covers the urban bus segment in the East European market.

Apart from the comprehensive product portfolio, Mercedes-Benz Buses and Coaches delivers added value in the shape of OMNIplus – a comprehensive range of bus and coach-specific services unrivalled by any competitor. A professional and global sales structure provides responsible, solution-focused support to all bus and coach customers, from key account to owner-driver. This combination of products and services is one of the reasons why the Mercedes-Benz brand is held in such high esteem.