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Mercedes-Benz Car Online Spare Parts Catalogue

Today, the AMG brand is known to people around the world. It can often be found on business and premium models. However, not everyone knows about the history and technology of this unit. The AMG brand was created over 45 years ago by two engineers, Hans Werner Aufrecht and Erhard Melcher in the village of Großaspach. The beginning of the brand dates back to the 60s. At this time, Aufrecht and Melcher developed a special 300 SE racing engine in the Daimler design department. Despite the suspension of the concern’s participation in automotive sports, engineers continued to work on this engine. The scene was the house of Aufrecht in Großaspach. In 1965, their Daimler-Benz colleague - Manfred Schick starts in the car championship of Germany driving a car with an engine of the brand 300 SE. Modified by Azfreht and Melkher, the engine brings ten victories to Schick. Later, the fame of true professionals in the field of modernization and improvement of Mercedes-Benz cars comes to them.

In 1967 they open the AMG engineering bureau. The location of the company was the old mill in Burgstall. After a short period of time, the demand for engines that are being revised and increased in power begins to grow. Different race teams become their buyers.

Winning the Spa 24 Hours becomes the first major milestone in the history of the company. Victory in its own class, as well as second place overall, was provided by the AMG Mercedes, equipped with the 300 SEL 6.8 engine. Similar to a heavy executive sedan, due to the engine, it easily bypassed lighter competitors. After that, the name AMG began to sound around the world and to this day remains a popular brand of the Daimler concern.

In addition to speeding up engines, the AMG engineering bureau is developing technologies that make driving more comfortable. As part of work on the improvement of cars, the AMG division produces powertrains, gearboxes, interior elements, and rims. The newest solutions use dual-type turbocharging for V-shaped engines, turbochargers, and piezo injectors with petrol injection using a technology similar to Common Rail.

The model range of cars is presented by the following cars:

Mercedes AMG A45; Mercedes AMG CLA 45; AMG GLA 45; AMG C43; AMG GLC43; AMG CLS63.

These are the most famous and popular models of this brand. The main class of models for which the engines are manufactured are SUVs, executive cars, and sports cars. In addition, there is a special line of cars from the Black Series collection. About the features, it is worth noting their improved engine and gearbox characteristics, limited circulation, the ability to install special tuning packages.